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Taking a bath or shower is something we do everyday. Unfortunately, when you begin to age it’s a bit tougher to climb into your bath tub.

Walk In Tubs make it safe and easy for a senior to bathe in comfort. Simply, open the door and step right in.

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A walk in tub is an advantage to elderly individuals and for those with minimal mobility. These bath tubs provide them a sense of independence and security with its functions like simple access, non slip floors and safety bars. It is necessary to pick and install a walk in bath tub with care as it is a lifelong financial investment.

A walk in tub can be quickly set up. Before installing it, one must initially check if there is enough space or get the bathroom bigger if required. Any plumbing technician can set up a walk in bath tub The plumber would first detach the supply of water to your home and then remove all external plumbing system. He would then change the plumbing system to fit the walk in tub prior to installing it and replacing the components. A walk in bath tub requires an incoming water system pipeline and a drain which would get rid of the unclean water and the wastes.

The very first indicate be remembered is that the walk in tub should be devoid of leaks and cracks. The old bathtub and fixtures near the tub need to first be gotten rid of, the caulk broken and the old plumbing system ought to be changed if needed. When this is done, the walk in tub can be moved into the place of the old tub. It is necessary to ensure that the bathtub is level if not, it ought to be changed. Once the tub is level, the plumber can set up the fixtures and subsequently run the water to check the water pressure to assess the performance of the system. The last step in setting up the walk in bathtub is to repair any damage to the walls or surrounding areas, caulk and seal the location around the tub.

It makes sense to ensure that the walk in tub is similar in size to the old tub if it is being replaced, so that the brand-new tub can be aligned with the existing drainage system. The home maker can also choose a smaller design which has an extension package with space for bathroom accessories. It would take about one and a half days to install a walk in bathtub.

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What our customers say

We bought this for our grandmother who is suffering from severe osteoarthritis. The door lets her walk right in and out of the tub without raising her knees. Her home attendant says this tub is a real life saver.


I purchased this tub for my Grandma a few weeks ago and was told I am her favorite Grandchild now 🙂 She tells me how relaxing and easy it is to take a bath now since her knees are not as young as they once were.


Why Buy A Walk In Bath tub

There are many advantages of purchasing a walk in tub. Everyone takes pleasure in a warm and soothing shower and neither age nor disability ought to be available in a person’s way of enjoying shower time. In order to make those shower minutes soothing, safe and comfortable you must think about incorporating a walk in bathtub on your next restroom remodeling project.

A walk in tubs for seniors is available in helpful if you have an individual in your house with restricted movement. A lot of tubs are developed in such a way that it’s tough and dangerous for somebody to get in. Nevertheless these walk-in tubs are designed in manner ins which they offer safe access and other comfy functions which assist avoid slips and falls. The bathing experience will be less of a struggle as soon as you set up the walk-in tub in an elderly person’s house.

A walk in shower tub can also be created to supply massage and hydrotherapy to the user. There are those tubs which are equipped with a powerful system of jets which gently massages the skin. The water system is designed in such a way that it targets certain muscle groups like the feet, lower back and hips. These shower systems are an outstanding choice for people who are dealing with arthritis and joint issues. This is since the buoyancy of water reduces substantially giving one an experience calming, rejuvenating and eliminating pressure on the joints.

The amazing advantages of a walk in shower

The majority of people think about bathroom remodeling because of the health advantages of health clubs and high quality tubs. Whenever you shower, the warm water opens the skin pores and hydrates the skin. Most of these walk-in bathtubs are designed with unique jets making water flow on your skin in such a way that it boosts the blood circulation of blood. When oxygen is provided sufficiently all over the body, it helps to enhance the body’s metabolic function and eliminate toxic substances. High quality tubs can create a state of total relaxation which boosts better sleep. The health spas are also shown to boost heart health and lower blood pressure.

Lastly, like any other restroom redesigning project, setting up a walk-in tub in your house will definitely improve property value. Must you ever wish to offer your house, this new setup can become a significant selling point. Not many homes have walk-in tub so this will offer you a better edge when it is time to offer your house.